Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Baby has a Heartbeat!

Last week I went in for my first Doctor's visit at 8 weeks. Besides being just the most wonderful man, Doc decided that we would do another early ultrasound. I'd done one at 4 1/2 weeks to make sure that it was growing in my uterus. (Last year I had a dangerous tubal pregnancy that ruptured. not good.) We were reassured that it was where it should be and quite content, but Doc thought it would be nice just to do another one to allay any worries. We had to do the ultrasound vaginally, because 8 weeks is still pretty early, but I'm getting pretty used to dropping my drawers now.

It was amazing. We saw the baby, and that wasn't such a big deal as it looks like a lumpy bean, but then Doc pointed out to me where the heart was. It was just this little, fast fluttering. In and out, In and out. Man, and people wonder when it becomes a life...

Baby's First Picture!

My sister's version; upper pic is "actual size with bedroom".

It sounds so silly to think that it was such a big deal, but it was. The little alien life-form with a tail (tail!?!) is now my little cherry baby, growing arms and legs, with a little, tiny hummingbird heart. Dear Hubby just kept saying "2/3 of an inch? That's all? 2/3 of an inch?" like he couldn't fathom that something that tiny was causing so much change in our lives already.

I was glowingly happy. I had to call my mom and dad and sister and tell them all that "my baby has a heartbeat, and kind of some arms, and I saw it and I HAVE A PICTURE!". My sister was jealous. She says that with her next baby (she has three) she's going to say she's worried so that they'll give her a way early ultrasound, too, so that she can be reassured. Once you hear or see the baby's heartbeat, the chances of miscarrying are much less because everything is functioning properly. My sister drew the diagram you see above to give me a clearer picture of head, shoulder bump, spine, etc. I particularly loved the 'actual size with bedroom' part.

Aah. My baby has a heartbeat.

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