Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No, Mom, I can stop when I want to!

   This last weekend we joined Jake and Kim at Yuba lake.  They had the Boat out, and the floating island out.  Evie had so much fun in the water.  She also got supper muddy.  That is how you know you had fun.
   But, the funniest thing happened at the end of the trip, when we were packing up.  I had a cup that I used for soda that I had not finished all the way.  Lela found it and ran away with it.  She took the straw out and started to drink out of it.  But she was so tired, so she was walking all unsteady.  Falling down all the time.  She looked like a drunk still on the sauce.

Somehow nothing came out of the cup, but she still tried.

I love this picture.  Super pretty and picturesque.  Then we have, Drunk Baby.

Baby, you are Drunk, go home.

Our little drunk was so tired, she feel asleep within 10 min of leaving.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hats and Dance

If you hang out long enough with Evie and Lela, you will notice that they play great together.  They are great friends.  I just realized the age difference will make it difficult to keep that friendship tight as they get older.  Evie will be 18 when Lela is 12.  I need to enjoy this time now, when things are simple and quiet.  It won't be this way forever.

Lela always wants to do what big sister is doing.  Especially when Evie does her gymnastics.  Lela has to try as well.
Out of context, this will look bad.  They are trying to do cartwheels.  I know it looks like a booty dance.

And Hats.  Lela loves Hats, at least for a little while.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

La La Laaaaa!

Lela loves to sing.  She actually gets out the Hymn Book, and uses her little finger to pretend to follow along, and sings.  She will also sometimes mimic the Chorus Leader (is that what they are called) and wave her arms to the music.
This was at a Baptism yesterday.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"I'm helping!!!"

Few weeks ago Evie was staying home sick, doing her homework.  Lela, not one to let Evie do something without her, finds a little marker and starts to "help".

Also, "helping" with the windows

Monday, June 01, 2015

5-30-15 Just A Saturday

Waking up together. Mike left early to set up for a wedding, so we three girls had the morning all to ourselves. 

Lovely drawers sorted, sized, and folded.  I'm loving "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". It's joyful. 

Tried an Egg Scramble: eggs, heap of quinoa, cheddar cheese, dollop of sour cream. 

By the Fistful. Yumm. 

Evie's most anticipated summer activity- crafts with Mom. :-) 

A moment to myself while Lela napped and Evie played outside with neighbor children. A book, kielbasa and quinoa, and a diet Pepsi in Mike's treasured tin cup. 

After sorting through all the kids clothes, I chopped some holey leggings into shorts. From the remains, I made a simple fingerless 80's glove for myself. Evie wanted one, too, but wouldn't let me cut and tie to resize it so I turned it inside out and sewed it while she wore it to get the size right. She was so happy!

Finally got my Summer hair-do. Brooke rocked it for me. 

Electric Love? I Pink I Love You? Electric Raspberry? Whatever you call it, I'm in love. 
Then home to Lisa the babysitter. I showed her highlights from the new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes while we relived our childhood. :D

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hillbilly Lela

Lela took my hat and put it on.  She looks like she is ready to go to the field.
Evie never liked to put anything on her head, let alone hats.  Not Lela, she loves hats.  Especially if it is Dad's.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


This will be my goofy 6 year old’s new nickname, among many others.  But I like the story that is attached to this peticular nickname.

I am not totally sure on the sequence of events.  Julie can edit and clarify, I suck at accurate details.

     Evie comes home complaining that her back teeth were hurting.  She had just gotten her molars.  We had a look.  What we saw was a bit alarming.  We saw what looked like her new molar had cracked into a few pieces.  Like she chomped down on a hard tootsie pop.  1 lick, 2 lick, 3….crunch!! Exploded tooth.  
We schedule an appointment to the Dentist for him to have a look at it.  Evie is super worried that she is going to have to get shots in her mouth.  Last time we visited the Dentist they had to fill in a cavity, and had to give her numbing shots.  I know what you are thinking.  Cavity fillings at six?  Yeah, I was confused too.  But even if the tooth is going to fall out later, it has the possibility to infect the growing adult tooth, and other problems.  So, it seems like she does not have very strong teeth.  So seeing what looks like her tooth is exploded is surprising, but not out of the realm of possibility.  
We get to the Dentist, Evie gets sited in the chair.  Waiting for the dentist.  I can see her starting to get nervous.  She is preparing for what she is sure of more pain.  More that she is in now with a exploded tooth.  She can barely handle the assistant trying to get some x-rays by having her bite down on that thing they make you bite down on when they take the x-ray.  She says it hurts.  The dentist comes over.  We like our dentist.  Very gentle.  He has a look at Evie’s tooth.  He kinda does that head tilt thing when you see something odd.  He takes that pic thing they use and pulls something out.  Then says “Done.  Does that feel better?”  She says yes.  It was a piece of bone wedged between her gum and her newly grown molar.  It was that easy.  Just pluck, and done.  I could of done that.  If I knew what I was looking at.  I figured the worst since I believed that she has sub-par teeth.  What happens usually when you get your molars, there is a bone that is supposed to dissolve as the new molars come up.  Well, in this rare case, a part of the bone did not dissolve completely, and got stuck in the gums.  The dentist said that he has only seen this happen one other time in the 15 years that he has had his practice.
     Our unique little, quirky snowflake had a unwanted bone stuck in her Jaw.

She is our Little BoneJaw.

Sorry, no pics of the bonejaw, here is one of BoneJaw.